Lost in Mis-translation

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You ever want to know the facts, go to the language of origin.

American press this morning reported erroneously that Stephany Flores found evidence on Joran van der Sloot's laptop that incriminated him in the Natalee Holoway case.  This is because of a poor translation by whomever passed the story on to the English speaking media.  But if you want to know the facts, go to the original source.  Feel free to use an online translation of the article to verify my translation, but there will be some issues that not even Google can resolve adequately.

Below is my own translation of the article found at http://www.peru.com/noticias/portada20100608/101034/Conozca-la-confesion-del-holandes-Joran-van-der-Sloot-sobre-el-crimen-de-Stephany-Flores-  My notes are in braces[].  The text of the original can be found on the subsequent page.


The confession of the Dutchman Joran van der Sloot concerning the crime to Stephany Flores

Lima (Peru.com) - "I didn't mean to do it.  The girl intruded in my private life", expressed the Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot; who confessed before the police that he beat to death Stephany Flores, daughter of the race car driver Ricardo Flores.

Van der Sloot arrived in Peru the 14th of May in order to participate in an international poker championship in the Lima casinos of Fiesta and Atlantic City.

The Dutchman said that he blew up in anger because Stephany Flores, the morning of Sunday the 30th of May, when they were still in room 309 of the TAC Hotel, in Miraflores, discovered his dark past.

"She took my laptop (portable computer) without permission and discovered through some photos and videos that I was involved in a murder in Aruba", he said according to the news paper 'La Republica'.

Van der Sloot was referring to the crime against North American Natalee Holloway, perpetrated the 30th of May 2005 and whose authorship was attributed at the time [I have no clue what the intent of the author is and cannot discern a better way to translate other than verbatim].

The Dutchman's detailed computerized file included judicial reports in which he was granted freedom "because of not having found the body of the young North American."

Stephany would have agreed to said information, when her occassional companion left the hotel in order to buy two cups of coffee and cookies at a nearby supermarket.

He beat her to death

"She didn't have the right.  She approached me, I was scared, we discussed it and wanted to escape.  I took her by the neck and struck...", recounted the killer.

Displaying his right hand extended with four fingers together and the thumb up, he stated that he applied a strong karate chop to the nape of the neck.

Stephany Flores, according to the killer, fell face down on the floor after receiving the blow to the neck.  She previously struggled with her aggressor in a desperate attempt to free herself. The superficial skin lesions that she had confirm the story.

The unfortunate young lady lay dying, very close to the bed of the room, when the criminal finally suffocated her.

The autopsy established as the cause of death to be brain and cervical trauma and asphyxiation by possible strangulation.  The Dutchmant insisted, during the interrogation, that he did not plan the murder.

There was no sex

"We arrived at the hotel, went to have sex, but first I left to buy breakfast.  When I returned she only wanted to leave. She had gone through my things", he said.