The Dumbing Down of America

For those who know me, this has long been a complaint of mine - The failure to proofread or have a vocabulary containing words of more than three syllables.  I once thought this was a localized issue due to the rural area of Minnesota in which I lived.  But even after moving to a large metropolitan area, I see the same thing.  Everywhere you turn, there are signs misspelled on gas stations, in front of stores, on television commercials and even during the news.  I know we intentionally dumb down our newspapers to a fourth grade reading level, but do we really need to do it everywhere else?

Then you see things like this on television.



Really?  The Jew York Jets?  You know someone is losing their job over this little failure to proofread.  Or did the copyist intend it as a joke?

I used to find humor in things like this.  But I could spend my entire day writing companies offering "spinal assements" or weathermen reporting 301 degrees in Willmar, MN on an apparently balmy November day.  Let's not even get into our politicians creating such stupidity as "refudiate" and then claiming "Shakespeare made words up too."  Lady, Shakespeare you are not!

If we want others to see us as intelligent, we must first have intelligence.  And if that is beyond our capabilities, perhaps we should try to fake it better.  

We look like idiots to the rest of the world.  Watch any British television show and its American equivalent and the differences become glaringly obvious.  Americans are becoming complacent in their stupidity and have no energy to put forth the effort to correct it.