HDR on the Nikon D7000

I recently upgraded from a Canon Rebel XT to a Nikon D7000.  That increased my megapixels to 16.2 and added tons of functionality including a built-in intervalometer.  Unfortunately, the automatic exposure bracketing is limited to 2EV stops and three exposures.  Of course, until I started researching this week I knew nothing of AEB other than it would take multiple pictures and I could select the best one and delete the other two.  But then I learned of HDR photography which uses all of these exposure levels to improve coloring, depth and even out shadows.

Without getting all technical, it might be better to show you.  Here are the three pictures that were taken within one second and loaded into Aperture.  They are rather large for a web page, so I will provide links.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

So I played around with a new Aperture plugin I found named Hydra HDR.  I have not licensed it yet thus the watermark, but here is the result of merging the three photos into one to get the best exposure levels in all areas of the photo.

Final HDR image

I will try to modify this article later to use smaller versions of the images.