Reading list expansion for free

For the past several days, I have entered every single Goodreads giveaway that has been listed regardless of the genre.  Out of over 2,000 entries, I have won six of them.  Maybe it has not been the best use of my time to spend hours perpetually entering contests for free reading material in which I might not even be remotely interested, but I am always up for new things and my current "to-read" list is dwindling.

Though there are no real requirements for the give-aways at Goodreads, it is recommended that the book be reviewed once it has been received.  That is only fair since you are not paying for the book nor the shipping.  And the publishers and authors are taking risks by releasing many of the books months ahead of publication.  It is the least one can do to thoroughly read and the materials and review them objectively.

So I have begun this new mini career as of the receipt of my first advanced publication today.  St. Martin's Press was kind enough to send me an advance copy of Pirate Alley by Stephen Coonts which I received today.  Whether through guilt or obligation, I have put all other reading materials aside to dedicate to this one book.  Besides, 304 pages can't take that long to read and the blurb from the publisher makes this sound like an interesting and timely topic.

Alongside publishing my reviews to Goodreads, I will make sure that I take the time to compile it as a proper book review and post it to Amazon and this blog for each of the advance books that I receive.  Who knows?  Maybe this will open the minds of readers of this blog to new materials that they would not otherwise consider reading or may never hear about.

Now, excuse me as I crawl into my comfy recliner, crack the spine and fall into this book.  Review coming upon completion.