(Review) American Sniper by Chris Kyle

This was a very well-written, in-depth memoir written by the most prolific sniper in American history - a hero who was unfortunately taken from us all too soon - his life taken by the hands of a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD who Kyle was trying to help re-acclimate.

The book provides a valuable insight into the psychology of battle and those who fight for God and country. In these 400 pages, CPO Kyle eloquently puts into words and deeds what it means and feels to be a military fighting man. It embodies every sentiment behind the fighting man's code of conduct of which the first article is "I am an American fighting man. I serve in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense."

Woven throughout the story are personal insights from Kyle's wife, Taya. Her sacrifice and the sacrifices of all military spouses are often an unheard story. Sure, we hear about the spouses on the news periodically, but seldom do we emotionally consider what it means to be married to the military. Her insights provide the perspective we seldom see.

Having been a member of the military, I expected the traditional braggadocio that one often finds in fellow comrades at arms. However, the book showed an unexpected level of humility and respect unwarranted by his achievements. Chris Kyle is and shall forever be a true American hero and a shining example to which we should all aspire as Americans. At a minimum, everyone who is considering enlistment, has been a member of the military, or is married to someone in the military should read this book.