What Are the Academics Reading?

I stumbled across a new and interesting site from the The Berkman Center For Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

From their site:

H2O playlists are more than just a cool, sleek technology -- they represent a new way of thinking about education online. An H2O Playlist is a series of links to books, articles, and other materials that collectively explore an idea or set the stage for a course, discussion, or current event.

H2O Playlists make it easy to:
  • transform traditional syllabi into interactive, global learning tools
  • share the reading lists of world-renowned scholars, organizations, and cultural leaders
  • let interested people subscribe to playlist updates and stay current on their fields
  • promote an exchange of ideas and expertise among professors, students, and researchers
  • communicate and aggregate knowledge -- online and offline.

This site is only a beta at present.  Registration appears to be free.  It is a promising way to view resources that others have found pertinent to their research on any given topic.  A LexisNexis for the masses, if you will.  Check it out at http://h2obeta.law.harvard.edu/home.do.