Make Yourself Relevant

Most of you are aware that I have been tracking the criminal case concerning neglect charges against Nancy Dyer for some time.   Information came to me regarding a self-proclaimed not-for-profit entity during the course of my investigation into the matter.   I sacrificed my personal blog at to cover these issues for the past ten months and have moved all entries unrelated to those matters to this site.

The case against Nancy Dyer ended with her sentencing and incarceration at the Rockville Correctional Facility on September 18th of this year.   The child custody case for her three children continues; however, I choose to not follow nor report on this case as it is a private matter within the family.   The children must be given the opportunity to thrive despite their parentage.

The matter of Honk4Kids is something that I am no longer at this time concerned with pursuing.   It is an organization in Indiana that affects only those in Indiana.   The politicians who grant them a public platform are local to Indianapolis and will themselves in all likelihood never have a larger voice than they do within their current constituencies.   At some point, it is incumbent upon the citizens of a community to take action themselves to right injustice in their midst.   It is not the purview of a Minnesota resident to take action for them when they fail to do so themselves.

We live in a democracy where we have the right to vote to make change.   We have the right and the responsibility to stand up and speak out when we see that things are not in agreement with our moral positions.   We have the right to remain ignorant or voluntarily ineffective as well.   Unfortunately, this is the position that far too many in our society take.

If you do not like the policies of your public officials, it is up to you to voice those concerns.   Write your elected officials.   Write editorials for you local media outlets.   Run for office to directly effect the changes that you see as morally just.   To sit back and complain without doing anything about it makes your opinion irrelevant.

I have expended tremendous time and resources and made immeasurable sacrifices from afar to inform the public of Indianapolis as to the nature of their local issues.   I did this because I am an Indianapolis native and still consider it my home.   I did this because I saw a wrong that I felt needed to be righted.

By now, you should be aware of the actions of Honk4Kids.   You should have a better insight into those City-County Council members who support them.   You should have an understanding of the workings of your prosecutorial staff.   It is now up to you to take up the gauntlet and become a better citizen in your own community.

I had said at the beginning that I would pursue this case through its inevitable end.   I also stated that the site would vanish once events had run their course.   It is now time for me to make good on those promises. 

Make a difference for yourself and your community.   Nobody can do it for you.