Open Letter to Congress

Below is the text of a letter I intend to mail to my elected officials regarding the situation in Pakistan and continued subsidies from Congress to Dictator Pervez Musharraf.  I make it publicly available for all to see in hopes that others will take similar action.


I have refrained from writing my elected officials because I am often dismissed as one voice in the wilderness.  Even the White House showed me how insignificant I was when I voiced objections before the invasion of Iraq because of what was known at the time to be fraudulent intelligence and utter lack of regard for constitutional law.  But I feel that I once again have a moral obligation to make my concerns known.  This may fall on deaf ears, but I have to speak my mind at any rate.

When Germany annexed Austria in 1935 and Czechoslovakia in 1936, we ignored their plight.  When Poland was overrun on September 3, 1939, America sat back and watched.  When Germany invaded France on May 10, 1940, we responded only with mild shock and no action.  

Only after Pearl Harbor did we learn that we needed to take action and not ignore the political situations of other countries.  We invaded Grenada on October 25, 1983 in response to their Prime Minister being illegally deposed and executed.  We invaded Panama on December 19th, 1989 under the former President Bush to depose a military dictator.  We invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 and Iraq on March 20, 2003 in response to the attacks on the United States and to overthrow a malignant theocracy.

But the unilateral attack on Iraq and its effect on public opinion seem to have changed American perspective once again. The news today is that the Taliban - our mortal enemy in Afghanistan and the cause of 9-11 - now controls approximately twenty percent of strategic regions in Pakistan.  Yet the Pakistani government is more focused on quashing opposition to its self-imposed dictator than to using the aid we have provided for the purpose it was provided.

We have funded over $10 billion in five years to a military dictator who serves no one's interest but his own.  He has taken what remains of the good faith of the United States and prostituted it to serve his own political and personal gain.  He has arrested or is in the process of arresting anyone who dares oppose him.  He has turned the Constitution of Pakistan into something worth less than used toilet paper.  He has by his actions and not words abolished any prospect of democracy in the region.  

The deteriorating situation in Pakistan this week has me concerned.  It is reminiscent of the 1980's when we covertly funded the Taliban in order to turn their war into a Russian version of Viet Nam. We have seen where our aid to Afghanistan has led and how many American lives have been lost.  Can we not foresee where our aid to Pakistan is leading?  Taxpayer money is not being put to its intended use if the dictator of Afghanistan is willing allowing the Taliban to assume control of regions of his country.

As an American who holds a deep faith in democracy, I feel it is imperative that we cease funding the regime currently in control in Pakistan.  There is neither short-term gain nor long-term benefit in continuing this course.  Only by present action can we forestall events that are obvious even to the layperson.  How long must we remain asleep at the wheel to overcome the negativity caused by our actions in other endeavors?

I, for one, will vote against any candidate regardless of party affiliation who votes for further funding to Pakistan from this point forward.  I will also make it my mission in life to throw as much support as possible to any candidate or group who seeks the same goal.  It is time that politicians stop resting on their laurels and start pursuing the fulfillment of their morals.  That is why they were elected.  That is the only reason why they serve.