Prohibition is over!

My local liquor store will begn selling traditional absinthe this coming Thursday. This news was a welcome Christmas present from a co-worker today. The first 50 customers will receive a "silver" absinthe spoon. Though I doubt the spoon is really silver (you can buy 6 of them from the Viridian Spirits site for $36.00US), I could care less about the spoon. I intend to be in line by 5:00am to try to buy a case or as much of the stuff as they will allow me to purchase. No more Pernod!

Until now, I either had to risk confiscation by U.S. Customs, travel overseas and bring it back myself of hire a mule to courier it back into the country. I have lost hundreds of dollars through these processes. If you average in the losses and costs over the past 5 years of my absinthe consumption, each precious bottle has cost me over $100. Even is this stuff is $50 per bottle, it is like having an ongoing 50% off sale.

But all absinthes are not created equal. I have had my fair share of pure piss to drink. The worst by far is that purchased from the Dominican Republic. At 85% alcohol, it is also the strongest. And it tastes like paint thinner. Followed behind that is Sebor which has always arrived safely and never been confiscated. But after shipping charges, costs about $75 a bottle for a mediocre drink. Two others follow behind. Dr. Rauscher 55.5%. Not bad, but not great. it was certainly the best until I tried Tabu from Germany. Rousher does not louche well and is a bit bitter. It is at least palatable. By far the best is the Tabu which costs me a trip overseas to Germany in order to get it in. Every order I have placed online has been confiscated by Customs. At 30 Euros for a single bottle, it becomes something that I horde and use conservatively for special occassions.

Who knows how Lucid will taste. It could be swill, but I have faith in the chemist who has worked on its creation for years. He has used 100 year old samples to recreate the original. It has been tested by leading connoisseurs and passed gloriously. Who am I to dispute their claims. Even if I am able to buy a case and it turns out to be complete crap, I am still ahead of the game.