The Dumbing Down of America

For those who know me, this has long been a complaint of mine - The failure to proofread or have a vocabulary containing words of more than three syllables.  I once thought this was a localized issue due to the rural area of Minnesota in which I lived.  But even after moving to a large metropolitan area, I see the same thing.  Everywhere you turn, there are signs misspelled on gas stations, in front of stores, on television commercials and even during the news.  I know we intentionally dumb down our newspapers to a fourth grade reading level, but do we really need to do it everywhere else?

Then you see things like this on television.

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Happy Halloween - Zombieland Preparations

Shouldn't there be some sort of plan for when the world gets taken over by zombies?  I mean sure.  It is great to maintain a stock of supplies for immediate survival--food, toilet paper, water, ammo, etc.  But when those supplies are exhausted and you are craving human contact with someone other than the undead, what do you do?

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Shades of Alice Cooper

This came across my inbox and I just could not resist reading the article.

"Wisconsin men guilty of seeking sex with corpse

"MILWAUKEE (Reuters Life!) - A jury on Thursday found a 24-year-old Wisconsin man guilty of attempted sexual assault for trying to dig up a dead woman's body so his brother could have sex with the corpse, court officials said."  (full article below)

All I could think of after reading the article was the song Cold Ethel by Alice Cooper.  For the uninitiated, there is even a video version!

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Are we invading Costa Rica?

I started reading all sorts of interesting news tonight about the United States sending 7,000 troops and 46 US Navy ships to Costa Rica in addition to several Coast Guard vessels to "assist in the war on drugs".  Though this is being done under a mutual agreement (which expired October 6, 2009), it is interesting to note that this is a massive build-up and unprecedented under the agreement.  Until now, only US Coast Guard vessels were used.  Yet not a word of this has been mentioned in any US major media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC nor the Associated Press.  It is a big story in Costa Rica, but somehow we have managed to keep it a secret from the American public.

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