Spies like Russ

One of the more interesting current news stories just also happens to be a very good IT article explaining what not to do.

The 11 Russian spies recently discovered in the US had their fair share of computer problems exacerbated by their lack of understanding of the technology and how to protect their resources.  From open wifi hotspots to actually writing down their password on a PostIt and putting it on the monitor of the computer, these users show how inept the spy trade has become in the former Soviet Union.

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Lost in Mis-translation

You ever want to know the facts, go to the language of origin.

American press this morning reported erroneously that Stephany Flores found evidence on Joran van der Sloot's laptop that incriminated him in the Natalee Holoway case.  This is because of a poor translation by whomever passed the story on to the English speaking media.  But if you want to know the facts, go to the original source.  Feel free to use an online translation of the article to verify my translation, but there will be some issues that not even Google can resolve adequately.

Below is my own translation of the article found at http://www.peru.com/noticias/portada20100608/101034/Conozca-la-confesion-del-holandes-Joran-van-der-Sloot-sobre-el-crimen-de-Stephany-Flores-  My notes are in braces[].  The text of the original can be found on the subsequent page.

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ComputerWorld needs a new editor

I am soooo glad I was able to catch this before it was corrected.  Aside from the obvious bias toward Microsoft that ComputerWorld most often takes, there is now proof of the subconscious favoritism toward all things Microsoft.  Read the second paragraph carefully.  Original link. 

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A Tale of Two Americas

I began this article thinking that it was interesting how all of the tables have turned with the loss of the presidency by the Republican Party.  Yet after writing it, I see that things have remained pretty much the same.


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