TruGreen / ChemLawn Issues

When I purchased my home three years ago, I inherited a lawn that was full of issues such as persistent crabgrass, creeping charlie and a multitude of dandelions overflowing from the next door neighbors failure to even mow his lawn more than twice per season.  (I hate renters, but that is another article.)  I spend a small fortune each year putting down seed and fertilizer to try to get the front and back yards to look somewhat pleasant, but I always feel like I am behind the eight ball.

So this year, I decided to hire TruGreen to aerate, seed and fertilize my lawn.  I had seen my neighbor's success with lawn care services.  His looks like the 18th hole at pebble beach.  Mine aspires to be the course in Caddy Shack at the end of the movie after all of the explosions.  Unfortunately, I did not ask my neighbor which service he used before contacting TruGreen.

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Rep. Keith Ellison Arrested

Active Image I can't begin to tell you how giddy this photo makes me.  I see this as a first in a series of "unfortunate" events for our distinguished representative.  Maybe now he will have more time to actually read letters from his constituents and respond to them in kind.  Nearly 18 months after my initial letter to Congress regarding the situation in Pakistan (which time included the assassination of Benezir Bhutto, the resignation of Pervez Mussharaf, the rise of the Taliban to name a few of the more notable incidents), I have yet to recieve a satisfactory response from Mr. Ellison's office to my initial letter posted elsewhere on this blog.

Here is the article from Minnesota Public Radio that was aired today completely unedited.


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Open Letter to Congress - Big 3 Bailout

I would like to request a $5 billion loan under the federal TARP program in order to start a small business building cars that use sustainable fuel sources.  I am certain that within five years, I can develop and market a vehicle that uses alternative fuel sources to remove our dependence on foreign oil and provide for a cleaner environment thus meeting the needs of the majority of Americans.  Ford is already set to close a plant in St. Paul in 2011 which will provide adequate real estate to meet the needs of this venture.

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