Want a Donation With Your Fries?

When you go through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and are asked to donate $1.00 for a cause such as March of Dimes, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, or any other charity, where does that money go?  And if you tell them "no," should they keep asking or try to guilt you into giving? 

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David Blaine's Bungee of Boredom

Apparently, we were supposed to be amazed at David Blaine's latest stunt, but everything that could go wrong seemed to.  When Murphy's Law meets magic, boredom and disgust set in.

First of all,  Blaine was supposed to hang upside down for 60 hours over Central Park drinking only through a straw and urinating through a catheter.  But somewhere along the way, plans changed and instead he took a 15 minute break every hour to right himself, drink and urinate.  But we weren't supposed to know that.  And now we are told that the plan never involved being inverted for 60 continuous hours.  As one blogger stated it best "I am going to eat 1,000 hard-boiled eggs - but I am going to do it one a day for a thousands days.  I wouldn't want to make myself sick."

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Remembering Constantine's Sword

From the day I met Sanford Naiditch at Torah study, he began every conversation with the same question.  "Have you read Constantine's Sword?"  My response was always a simple "no."  Sometimes we would both arrive early for Shabbat services on a Friday evening or for another special service throughout the week.  The question was always the first thing I would hear. 

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Responses to Open Letter to Congress

I finallly have received responses to my open letter to Congress from my senators and representatives.  No word from the White House, but what can you really expect from the most ineffective administration of our time?  Below are the three responses received.  Though that from Keith Ellison is the newest, I thought it pertinent to place it at the top to show the lack of interest of this representative.  Notice that though my email was concerning US involvement in Pakistan, he chose to only respond to US involvement in Iraq.  It clearly shows that he did not read the mail and has no concern for the opinions of his constituents.

I have only replaced my name in the emails with no further editing.  I merely copied and pasted from the email responses which accounts for the strange fonts.

Click the Congressional member's name in the article index to the right to see each letter as well as my response this evening to Representative Ellison. 

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