Argument For Capital Punishment

Just when I think I am opposed to the death penalty, someone comes along and changes my perspective.

Bear in mind, that though some claim mental illness, Matthew Higa was high on meth at the time he committed the crime. 

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Oh What a Glorious Day!

I caught the article below in today’s Minneapolis Star tribune.  What a glorious day to find that absinthe is once again available in the U.S.

Once I heard of the availability, I was surprised to find that there were still supplies available.  Surdyk’s ordered 60 cases of the viscous green liquid and still had plenty on display at the end of its debut.  Good for me, good for you.  But $70 per bottle s a little high considering the price and risks involved in ordering it online.  But there are better prices to be found for those willing to take the time to look online.

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My Own Jambalaya Recipe

I change this recipe up from time to time.  I cannot tell you what my original source is or what additions or changes I made to it.  I started by finding a slow cooker recipe and tried to mimic the jambalaya that I found on Bourbon Street while visiting New Orleans in 1992.  The dish I ordered had no seafood of any type, though most recipes call for shrimp or crawfish.  I tend to have issues with shellfish (aside from the fact that I do not like seafood), so I stick to a basic sausage recipe.

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Prohibition is over!

My local liquor store will begn selling traditional absinthe this coming Thursday. This news was a welcome Christmas present from a co-worker today. The first 50 customers will receive a "silver" absinthe spoon. Though I doubt the spoon is really silver (you can buy 6 of them from the Viridian Spirits site for $36.00US), I could care less about the spoon. I intend to be in line by 5:00am to try to buy a case or as much of the stuff as they will allow me to purchase. No more Pernod!

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