The Internet versus Scientology

It was reported this week that a group calling themselves Anonymous were beginning an all out war against the presence of the Church of Scientology throughout the internet.  They began a massive spam campaign and distributed denial of service attacks following the litigious groups efforts to remove the Tom Cruise mental meltdown video that we was released on YouTube last week and is now hosted at

I have found myself somewhat ambivalent on the issue.  On the one hand, the Church of Scientology is nothing but a cult of whack jobs masquerading as a “religion” to avoid paying taxes and to lend themselves an air of credibility.  On the other, there is such thing as freedom of speech.

I suppose I should not be surprised that so many are lacking the mental capacity to see through the mass-dementia that is Scientology.  I mean, the religion was founded on a bet by a less than mediocre science fiction author.  But by pulling these mental midgets from society at large, maybe society can benefit.

Then again, there is a criminal component in attacking all things Scientology on the Internet.  I could not even begin to count the number of federal laws that it violates.  But I am content to sit back and watch as the battle roars.  Maybe one outcome of these attacks is that the Church of Scientology receives the public unmasking that Tom Cruises demented ramblings have already started.