She's got a ticket to hell, and she don't care

Some days, the news is all crap.  Others, it makes you take a step back and say "Hmm.  That is certainly an interesting one."

Here is the news article that came across my desk this morning.

Lord Jesus Christ hit by car: Victim is treated in hospital for minor facial injuries

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Westboro Baptist "Church" - Fail

Remember those backwoods morons that protest funerals of soldiers with signs that read "God hates fags"?  I read the following article and damn near spit Diet Coke through my nose when I saw that the Jewish counter-protestors were carrying signs that read "Jesus had two dads."  Kudos to Rabbi Andy Bachman and his congregation for creativity.  A note to anti-semitic extremists -- you might not want to protest a synagogue on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.  It would be like showing up at church on Easter and expecting no one to be there.  I posted a link at the bottom to video of the get-together.


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Pope Says Condoms Increase the Problem of AIDS

You heard it right.  The same guy who brought us such gems as the 10 commandments of driving, the realization that unless you are a Catholic, you do not belong to a real church and modified the Good Friday prayer to include the conversion of Jews to Christianity now say "Condoms are bad, mkay." (apologies to Mr. Mackey)

I have to love Jon Stewart's response.  None other is needed.  "The pope went on to say that smoking curses cancer, and that if you are looking for a quick morning pick me up, try heroin." 

Sometimes stories write themselves.


On Confession in Judaism - Yom Kippur 5769

The concept of confession crosses many faiths.  It is not the exclusive domain of Catholicism nor protestantism.

At this time of year, Jews around the world are marking Yom Kippur in the traditional way with a prayer of supplication to God.  It is not just a confession of the individual, but of the community.  It is a means to make the worshipper aware of their failings and to focus them to repair their behavior over the following year.

But confession in Judaism does not automatically grant resolution as it may in other faiths.  One must not only confess, but make amends for past failings and strive to not repeat them.  Only when they have completed these three steps can they consider themselves truly repentant.  It is the individual that must take the responsibility to confess and repair the damages.  It is not for the community to decide the level of sincerity of the petitioner.  Each person is responsible for their own actions and inactions.  They must each make a personal effort and thereby effect the culture of the community.

The following is the translation of the vidduy section of the Yom Kippur service as published by The Rabinnical Assembly in 1972.

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