Putting a Stop to Internet Marketing - AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and Filterset.G

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AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and Filterset.G

These free Extensions for Mozilla Firefox go a long way toward reducing the number of ads that are displayed in your browser. Most superfluous elements are tagged with a small file-folder-type tab. Users can click on the tab and opt to block the ad at its source. Not only does this block the ad from the current page being viewed, it blocks the ad from any subsequent pages on any other site as well. By using wildcards, you can select to block all ads from a given ad provider such as doubleclick.net. AdBlock is open-source which means you are free to use it wherever you wish.

An additional extension for Firefox is Filterset.G which allows you to automatically download a shared list of internet advertisers so that these sites are blocked without your having to manually add each advertiser. It requires the installation of AdBlock in order to function. The software updates its list every four to seven days to keep you current on advertisers without overloading the database servers. Filterset.G is not open-source; the filters are only free for personal, non-commercial use, and redistribution of it is not permitted.

[Edit: On January 12, 2018 I received an email concerning this elevel-year-old post informing me that Fitlerset.G is no longer available and is a broken link.  The sender suggested that I instead post a link to https://digital.com/blog/webextensions-firefox/.  I have not checked this link for authenticity.  It may be a commercial link, or it may not.  Click at your own risk.  As this post was 11 years old, it would be too time consuming to investigate accuracy of a 2007 post to ensure 2018 technology still applies.]