Putting a Stop to Internet Marketing - Proxy Servers

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Proxy Servers

A little higher up on the scale is the use of proxy servers. A proxy server works by acting as a middleman for any internet requests. It will then generally cache the page so that future lookups by other users will be served the page from the cache rather than causing a new copy of the page to be downloaded. This has the added functionality of reducing your bandwidth utilization caused by frequent visits by multiple users to static pages. The proxy server does a simple query to ensure that the data in its cache is current before determining whether to download a new version of the page or to provide the user with a cached copy.

In addition to the normal functioning of the proxy server as described above, you can usually configure filters to allow access to certain sites while prohibiting others. You can either do this en masse for all users, or limit freedom to only a subset of users on your network. A list of open source proxy servers is available here . You can also opt to use commercial software such as Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) server. Some products such as ISA Server double as comprehensive firewall solutions. You usually get what you pay for.