Untangle Your Network Security

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I received about five different emails last week telling me about a free security product from Untangle that had entered the realm of open source on Tuesday.  I have a tendency to trust open source because the code is open to peer review rather than closed and proprietary.  When it comes to security of my network, I want to be able to lift the hood and check the spark plugs.  Untangle offers that.
Built on thirty open source projects such as ClamAV, Snort and SpamAssassin, Untangle provides a unique solution to the problem of network security.  The software is ready to run "out of the box" and requires little configuration to get started.  And it does not cause any noticeable performance hits on network speed.

Unlike the proverbial snake oil of the past that claimed to solve every imaginable problem, Untangle effectively blocks spam, spyware, viruses, phishing attacks and intrusions.  It also is easily configurable as a firewall, router and web filter.  And it even downloads updates automatically to ensure that your network is protected against the latest threats.  Everything is done behind the scenes so that the user is not bombarded with messages stating that a problem was found.

An advantage for the home user with children is the reporting feature.  All activity is logged on the network.  Not only can you see what kind of bad stuff has been blocked from coming in to your network, you can see which websites your children are visiting and control their access through the built-in web filter.  Pre-configured settings allow you to block content based on a variety of contents such as pornography, web-based mail, illegal drugs, gambling, hacking, violence, and a variety of other categories.  You can of course fine tune the settings to create your own blocklist.  Tired of your teenager filling all available space on the family computer with downloaded Mp3's?  Block them.  It will grow with your children and your needs.