Next Steps

Untangle provides several filters for spam and identity theft that I am unable to take advantage of due to my current configuration.  All of my email is web-based or housed off-site.  In order for these services to benefit me, I will need to build an internal email server and configure it in the Untangle box.  I can then redirect all of my mail to the internal server to cause filtering to occur.  Of course I will need to make further adjustments to provide off-site access to emails once this is completed.

The Web Content Control worked out of the box.  I tested several adult sites with the service both turned on and off to see how well it worked.  It worked like a champ.  Even with the Web Content Control turned off, there were some adult sites that I could not reach because they contained spyware or other malicious software that was blocked by other services on the box.  I tested from a Mac to prevent any potential infections.  I recommend against testing from a Windows based computer.  Untangle will most likely stop the traffic, but why take the chance with something as unsecure as Windows (pick a version).

The system is supposed to have the ability to email reports from all of the services to the administrator.  I have been unable to get this component working.  Configuring an internal mail server should solve this problem.

I have not configured the OpenVPN service that ships with Untangle.  I generally have used RDP in the past for remote access.  I currently have all remote access services turned off for security reasons.  Most of my network services that I would need to access remotely provide a secure web interface for doing so.  I will test out OpenVPN to see if it can provide me that extra level of security without making things too complicated.

Another potential for remote access is the Remote Access Portal.  According to the Untangle site, "Remote Access Portal, a clientless SSL VPN, provides secure remote 'anywhere access' to a company's intranet through a regular web browser. Remote Access Portal is a great choice for remote access to desktops, web-based applications including email, and file sharing."  However, this service is part of the subscription Professional Package and would cost approximately $25 per month for my configuration.  Though this is a good deal for small businesses, I find it difficult to justify for home use.  I can use Hamachi or some other product to get similar results without the recurring cost.