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OpenOffice.orghttp://www.openoffice.org  Have you ever had a deadline that required you to work on office documents or spreadsheets at home?  But who wants to spend $600 of their own money on a copy of Microsoft Office Professional?  Enter OpenOffice.org.

OpenOffice.org is a cross-platform compatible office suite.  That means it can work on Mac and PC and even Linux installations.  Create documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations easily.  And it still has the easy to use toolbar that Microsoft did away with in Office 2007.

The application itself has the ability to open, create and modify Microsoft Office compatible documents.  If you created the document in Office, you can generally access and modify it in OpenOffice.  And the system used the Open Document Format (ODF) to maintain the document’s ability to me modified in any standards based editor.

The GIMPhttp://www.gimp.org  Besides Office, one of the most commonly used applications is graphics editing.  There are a variety of commercial applications out there from Adobe Photoshop to Paint Shop Pro.  But why spend hundreds of dollars to retouch your photographs or to create new artwork?

For average users, The GIMP provides the much of the same functionality and tools as Photohop.  Multi-layered editing, transparencies, airbrushing and effects are all easy to use.  If you know how to use Photoshop, you already know how to use this free open source application.  And it works on any operating system.