Rename Your Administrator Account

I can't begin to tell you the number of times I encounter a network where the designer has left his administrator account named "Administrator". In today's world of cyber-criminals, this is a dangerous habit that needs to be broken


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Redirect mail from old staff and reply to senders with new instructions

by  Scott Lowe MCSE

Most of the time when an employee is laid off, his or her e-mail needs to be directed to the person who will be taking over their duties.

Wouldn't it be nice if anyone sending mail to this account was notified that the account is no longer valid and provided with a direct e-mail address for the person's replacement? You can accomplish both of these goals fairly easily in Exchange.

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How Many Linux Viruses Are There?

Though a certain Redmond, Washington based company would have you believe otherwise, Linux is fairly secure from many of the malware problems that plague other platforms.  Aside from not being subject to vulnerabilities from malicious ActiveX code and installing in a default secured mode, Linux suffers very little from virus threats


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