I recently read a series of articles from Laim Proven of The Register that gives some fairly in-depth history of Unix and how software codebases become bloat over time.  The information was fascinating and pretty remarkable for the implication that we should at times throw code away and start from scratch.  When we don't, we retain old code for the sake of "backwards compatibility" that is never used or accessed and merely takes up space.  Since storage has become so cheap, there is little to no incentive for software manufacturers (including operating system software) to streamline their code or remove items that are no longer necessary.  This leads to code that is unmanageable and feature creep providing us with tons of useless features that nobody ever uses.

Head on over to The Register and read the articles.  At this writing, there are currently three separate articles.  They are collated at https://www.theregister.com/Tag/One%20Way%20Forward.