Responses to Open Letter to Congress - My response to Keith Ellison

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You obviously did not read my email of November 9, 2007 concerning Pakistan as your belated reply of January 17th only referenced Iraq - a topic that was only used as a reference in the email, but was not the subject of the email.

I have made my original email and your unsatisfactory reply available on my blog at in the hopes that other constituents of yours see your disconnect with the people that elected you to office.

America was founded on the principal of "no taxation without representation."  I humbly submit that your lack of interest in the concerns of your constituents exhibits that lack of representation to which to colonists fought against.


I would appreciate a response to my email in the context of the original that was sent.  I am appalled that my elected representative would be so dismissive as to send me a form letter on a topic entirely different from my initial concern that was addressed to you.  It is because of this that I am making this information public on my blog and addressing it to all local media outlets in your district.

The voting public should be aware of your apathy.  I intend to make it my raison d'etre to disseminate this information to all of your constituents.